Our 2014 Wild Mozambique wildlife calendar is available now. Click here to know where to get it. The benefits from the sale of the Calendar will be fully reinvested in reforestation and sustainable beekeeping activities in the province of Sofala.

Why Plant Trees in Mozambique?

When you order a tree certificate, 10 trees indigenous to central Sofala Province will be carefully planted and tended by our Mozambican community members. By planting trees with us, you help the Living Forest Endeavor for Sofala’s community maintain an eco-system which supports one of African

Did you know that one single bee can visit between 50 and 1000 flowers in one trip? Without bees our savanna woodlands and tropical forests would loose many species of plants, birds and mammals. When you order a tree certificate you contribute directly to the well-being of Mozambique’s bee population.

Mozambique’s rural communities are amongst the world’s poorest and most vulnerable. Precisely these communities have the most to gain by protecting their natural heritage and everything to loose when it has been destroyed. When you order a tree certificate, you contribute directly to family incomes

Did you know that the density of bird species in Mozambique is more than 7 times that of the EU and 8 times that of the United States? Mozambique is a Southern African hot spot for avian bio-diversity and M’phingwe Lodge is located within this eco-system. When you order a tree certificate you contribute directly to